Bitter Roots is a southern, blues and jam influenced rock and roll band that strangely enough formed in Minneapolis, MN.  Originally from Louisville, KY, guitarist/singer-songwriter Jamey Whatton was transplanted and set roots in the great North.  After a serendipitous meeting with guitarist Brian Dent and keyboardist Stephen Donaho, they manifested a band of like-minded musicians with vocalist Kristy Miller, bassist Christian Olan and drummer Joey Ratliff.

Their music and songwriting has drawn comparisons to the greats of southern rock and the San Francisco scene of old. Deep melodic grooves, musical raw emotion, punchy hooks, Allman-esque guitarmonies, and gruff, smoky vocals with a uniquely southern cadence define their sound.

The band has spent the last few years playing shows and festivals around the Midwest with national touring bands such as Walter Trout, The Big Wu, Charlie Parr and The Ragbirds, as well as local favorites like God Johnson, New Primitives, and Javier Trejo.

“They provide a mellow, yet upbeat jam band-ish tone that is both unique and utterly entertaining.” (Mitchell See, Volume One)

“…fine discovery…good old-fashioned San Francisco rock, straight from the book of Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead.” (Dwight Hobbes, Twin Cities Daily Planet)